Quick automatic corona pass or Antigen result access check and possibly a mouth cap and / or temperature check! 1G/2G/3G/2G+

New now also automatic Antigen Rapid Test control !!!


Simple and fast CoronaCheckScanner QR code scanning of EU digital certificate scanner , CoronaCheck and / or temperature check and possibly mouth protection check from 495.00 euro excl. Always a week on trial! Also possibilities to view or export lists with date and time of visitors/employees per day or per week.

Order directly or ask for a free demo and test it yourself!

Biora has easy, affordable and accurate Scanners that can check various actions/issues. The scanner checks the corona access pass with the QR code of the visitor or the Test result of an Antigem test and immediately measures the temperature of each visitor, expandable with an automatic mouth cap control and connect it to gates and doors so that personnel cannot be deployed. more is needed. The detection system has been adapted to the European market, with various language and instructions. The automatic scanner guarantees high performance and reliability, based on infrared technology. The fever meter or automatic Coronacheck scanner can be calibrated annually or at a desired time with our BlackBody.

The system can also be used, with our free Biora software, as access control, as automatic attendance recording in rooms/buildings offices and it can open doors and gates contactlessly with facial recognition or QR code (biometric) if electric.

Interested in automatic 1G, 2G, 3G or 2G+ control and in resells in Europe? Mail to info@biora.nl (drop shipments possible).

The display: contactless Corona pass scanning and measuring remotely

The display can be mounted on the wall, on a table / counter, on entrance gates or on a sturdy 110 cm stand. Measuring QR code remotely is very easy!

We can assemble, install and program the Corona qr pass scanner and temperature scanner at your location. Of course we can also prepare the display in our warehouse so that you can install it yourself in your organization.

We take care of the transport ourselves to guarantee the quality.

We can make adjustments and updates from our office without having to drop by! Not only measuring fever remotely, but also remote updates!

Video BIO5T Alarm

Video BIO7T English Access Allowed

Video BIO8T with Gate English

Video BIO7T Nederlands

Video BIO7T Deutsch

Video BIO7T CovPas Masker und Temperatur Deutsch

Video BIO6T Deutsch ungültig

Video BIO6T Deutsch gültig

Video BIO6T Deutsch Printer

Video BIO6T Nederlands

Video BIO5T gate Sportschool

Video BIO2T 

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Using the corona check scanner 

The automatic Covid QR code access system can be used at staff passages, hospitals, retirement homes, large offices and in public transport. An additional advantage is the recognition of wearing a mouth cap. If someone does not wear a face mask, the device gives a signal. The accuracy can be tested annually or whenever desired with our BlackBox.

Thanks to the network integration, the corona pass scanner  can be integrated into your existing access control system.

Feel free to contact our technical support to discuss all the details. Also ask for a free demonstration to discover for yourself what it can mean for your organization.

All benefits together

  1. Most QR code access and temperature gauges are held by a staff member. An unnecessary expense. Biora screening is strategically located and performs reliable measurements and Covid QR code access
  2. Optional: persons without a mouth mask are recognized and made aware of this.
  3. The measurement takes place in five seconds and is completely AVG-proof. No data is saved. In addition, the banner clearly states that measurement is voluntary and not mandatory.



To be used in:

Catering industry
Transport (Train, Bus, Airplane)

Technical data 


Camera 1.9MP

Temperature detector Thermal imaging camera, Sony sensor

Linux operating system

Screen 7 “IPS HD Quality

Interfaces RS485, RS232, RJ45, Relay

LED infrared, white light

Power supply 12VDC (max. 12W)

Dimensions of the panel 220 × 112 x22 mm

Indice de protection IP66

Temperature measuring distance 0.5 - 1.0 m (0.75 m recommended distance)

Temperature accuracy ± 0.355 ° C

Coverage range 36 ° C - 39.8 ° C

CE approval EN 55032, EN55035

Recognition speed 5 seconds

Protocols IPv4. TCP / IP, HTTP

Operating temperature -20 ° C - 50 ° C

Humidity 10% -90%, no condensation

Recommended slope 5 - 15 degrees

Automatic EU QR code access system Temperature  remote measurement

QR code scan and/or measuring temperature on arrival can be done reliably and safely with Biora's detection equipment. In five seconds it is checked whether the QR code is ok and the temperature of visitors is measured. The detection camera also indicates whether there is a normal or deviating temperature. It is a reliable and time-saving tool for measuring temperature and fever remotely. With the automatic covid QRcode  access system you ensure a safe environment for visitors to your company or organization.

Simple and fast QR code and temperature check for everyone.



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